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Bonnell Spring and Pocketed Spring - What is the difference?

Bonnell Spring and Pocketed Spring - What is the difference?

One question that customers ask often – what is the difference between bonnell spring mattress and pocketed spring mattresses? Here is a simple explanation on both types to help you make an informed decision on the type that suits you better.

Bonnell spring system mattress is one of the earliest types of spring mattress technology in the market. Bonnell spring coils are described as inter-connected wire coil technology. Mattresses of this type tend to be firmer due to its inner coil structure. As the wires are inter-connected, this type of spring system tend to be more motion-sensitive. This means that when someone moves on one side of the bed, the person at the other end of the bed may feel the movement on the mattress as well. However, bonnell spring system mattresses are generally durable and made affordable for many. Bonnell spring mattresses can be a better choice for people who prefer firmer mattresses.

Pocketed spring system mattresses, unlike bonnell spring system mattresses, have each coil unit encased in individual fabric pockets. Such spring system design reduces movement across the mattress when one person moves on one end of the mattress, reducing interruptions during sleep. This factor is particularly relevant for consumers who are looking for queen or king size mattresses. Pocketed spring systems also provide sufficient support throughout the whole body with the individually pocketed coils responding individually to different the pressure points and weight of the body. Mattresses with this type of coil technology tend to slightly softer than bonnell spring mattresses. Pocketed spring mattresses are also slightly pricier as compared to bonnell spring mattresses.   

Each type has its pros and cons. Understanding the strengths and weaknesses of each help us to make better / more informed decisions on what may suit us better. However, its also important to note that spring system type is only one component of the mattress, other important factors like thickness of coil, number of coils and even the type of foam used in combination with these spring systems may alter the overall firmness of the mattress.

  • Apr 18, 2019
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