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Quick Tips on Creating Your Scandinavian Home Design

Quick Tips on Creating Your Scandinavian Home Design

Interior design is a constantly evolving world. One minute, everybody’s into Art Nouveau, then Country is all the rage, and so on. The trends keep changing. Recently, a new style has swept through the world and has become all the rage. This style originates from Denmark and centers on the concept of Hygge.

Hygge is a Danish word that stands for a mood of coziness, comfort, and contentment. The elements of Hygge inspired a Scandinavian interior design that combines pieces that are functional, minimalistic, and almost playful. This style has become immensely popular in metropolitan areas like New York City, Copenhagen (of course), Singapore, and other large cities.

Creating Your Scandinavian Home Design

To help you get started on your own Scandinavian style, here is a breakdown of several key elements. These elements will help your home truly embrace the Hygge mentality.

Lighting – Colors and Lamps

Light is extremely important in Scandinavian design. In densely populated areas and countries North of the Equator, light can sometimes be a sparse commodity. Bringing in light from as many sources as possible. The most common sources in Scandinavian design are tall floor lamps or bare light bulbs.

The lightness is also proliferated in color choices. Unlike other styles which incorporate dark reds, greens, and so on, the Scandinavian style focuses on later colors. For example, whites, off-whites, and light blues and greens are extremely popular. This is not to say that dark colors cannot be used, but they should only be used as small accents.

Minimalism – Simplicity and Functionality

When it comes to Scandinavian design, less is more. While your rooms don’t have to be completely Spartan, the mentality should be about keeping things simple. Having furniture pieces that have clean lines and are compact is a must for this style.

Not only are the pieces in a Scandinavian design simple, the materials are as well. Two of the most popular finishes in the Scandinavian design are virtually raw wood and stainless steel. These finishes, combined with the brightness of the colors, capture a light and cheerful essence that is enjoyable in any city apartment.

Another key element that goes hand in hand with less is more is functionality. In Scandinavian design, the beauty of the design is that is built purely for function. Instead of ornate designs, the furniture pieces are simple and elegant.

Closing Thoughts: Finding Your Style

The world of interior design is an ever-changing game. Finding a style that creates a home that you enjoy coming back to can be a challenging task. One style that truly inspires coziness and comfort is the Scandinavian style. Its emphasis on light colors and simple furnishings bring to life the essence of Hygge.

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