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About Us

Warehaus was incepted in 2018 as an endeavour to provide useful, handsome and affordable furnitures, but as a company we have been in the furniture business for more than 20 years. We cut our costs and pass the savings to you by operating directly from our warehouse at Sungei Kadut and thus save on showroom rental and sales commission expenses. It is here where we exalt form, function and frugality.


We are believers in artistry. Your home should be your favourite retreat, your office your favourite playground, and your shop your favourite hangout. Line them with beautiful furnitures and enjoy your stay.


Space is a precious commodity. Each piece of furniture in our space should serve its purpose. We go beyond to ensure you a smooth and enjoyable experience in interacting with your furnitures. We like to call it purposeful design.


And indulgence need not be dear. We rather streamline our costs to bring you affordable luxury than conjure pretentious flamboyance out of cotton candy. Sometimes, less is more.

About Us
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